Fighters used by the 1st BFG

P-40 "Warhawk"

Power Plant: Allison V 1710-99 with 1.200 HP

Maximum Take-Off Weight: 5.150 Kg

Maximum Speed: 520 Km/h

Final Cruise Altitude: 43.000 ft / 9.100 m

Ammunition: 6 M2 .50 machine-gun with 281 cartridge in each one, and three 500 lbs bombs

P-47 "Thunderbolt"

Power Plant: Pratt & Whitney R-2800-59 with 2.000 hp

Maximum Take-Off Weight: 8.799 kg

Maximum Speed: 689 Km/h

Final Cruise Altitude: 12.801 m

Ammunition: 8 M2 .50 machine-gun, two 500 lbs bombs or 1 pylon tank and one bomb

F-8 "Gloster Meteor"

Power Plant: 2 Rolls Royce Derwent 8 with 3.600 lbs of thrust

Maximum Take-Off Weight: 8.633 kg

Maximum Speed: 950 Km/h

Final Cruise Altitude: 13.411 m

Ammunition: 4 HS-804 cannon 20 mm, and two 500 lbs bombs and 16 rockets

F-80 "Shooting Star"

Power Plant: Turbojato Allison J-33-A-23 with 4.600 lbs of thrust

Maximum Take-Off Weight: 7.646 Kg

Maximum Speed: 956 Km/h

Final Cruise Altitude: 14.265 m

Ammunition: 6 M3 .50 machine-gun, and 907 Kg of payload (bombs or 12 rockets 127 mm)

AT-26 "Xavante"

Power Plant: Roll Royce Bristol Viper 20 MK-540 with 3.410 lbs of thrust

Maximum Take-Off Weight: 5.220 kg

Maximum Speed: 870 Km/h

Final CruiseAltitude: 14.000 m

Ammunition: 2 M3 .50 machine-gun, and 1.814 kg of payload (rockets, bombs, pylon tanks, POD's and etc)

F-5E "Tiger II"

Power Plan: 2 turbojatos GE J-85-21A de 5.000 lbs de empuxo

Maximum Take-Off Weight: 11.192 Kg

Maximum Speed: 2.112 Km/h, Mach 1.63

Final Cruise Altitude: 15.170 m

Ammunition: 2 M-39 20 mm cannon, and 3.175 Kg of payload (bombs, rockets, missiles, POD's, pylon tank, and etc)


Copyright @ Dau, 1997.

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